Klaviyo for Neto Vs. Other Integrations

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When it comes to selling your products online, the first thing you’re going to need is somewhere to sell them from.  This will be your Ecommerce store.

But a place for your customers to view your products is just the beginning.  You will also need to be able to manage orders, inventory and shipping as well as process payments.  When you start looking for an Ecommerce Store platform you’ll find that some stores offer you some of the solutions you need, but not others. This is where Integrations and third-party apps come in.

What’s the missing ingredient from your Neto Store?

What’s the missing ingredient from your Neto Store?
Here at Keetrax we LOVE Neto as an Ecommerce store because it comes with so many of the solutions you need right out of the box.  Neto is a multi-channel ecommerce platform that provides an all-in-one solution for ecommerce, POS, inventory management, order management, and shipping labelling.

But there is one important solution missing and that’s somewhere to run your email marketing from.  Because you’re going to need traffic to your store as well.  Thankfully there’s an integration for that – the Neto for Klaviyo integration.  But before we get to that, let’s back up and get clear on what Integrations and Third Party Apps are.

What are Integrations and Third Party Apps?

Integrations and third party apps are simply solutions that work with your Neto store to help you grow and scale your online business.  When choosing an Ecommerce platform you should look for one that has as many of the features and integrations you need as possible (again this is why we love Neto).  Having an Ecommerce platform packed with features will help to save you money because many of the integrations and third party apps you will need come at an additional cost and many don’t work as seamlessly with your store as you would want them to.

Which brings us back to your email marketing.  What’s the solution we recommend for driving traffic to your Neto Store and growing revenue? Klaviyo4Neto.

An Email Marketing Solution for your Neto Store.

Neto Partner Keetrax (that’s us) built the Klaviyo for Neto integration because our customers needed it.  Prior to Klaviyo for Neto, Neto users were missing out on the high click-through and conversion rates our clients on other big store platforms were seeing – all because their stores were integrated with Klaviyo.  You can learn more about the power of Klaviyo here.

But we’re not the only company offering Neto store owners the opportunity to integrate their store with Klaviyo, so why would you choose our solution?

Some Integrations Work Better than Others.

Here’s the thing you first need to understand about integrations.  Not all integrations are created equal.  Integrations themselves come with features that enhance the experience of using each of the platforms, in this case, Neto and Klaviyo. And that should be your criteria in choosing an integration – which one seamlessly integrates the two platforms and gives you (and your customers) the very best experience of using them both.

To help you choose the best Integration for your Ecommerce store, we compared the key features of the Klaviyo4Neto integration versus Channelup’s offering and Direction Integrations.  Direct Integrations are older integrations created with Neto data feeds offered by some Neto partners, such as Keetrax, Perceptiv and Andzen.

We’ve focused on the key features on offer – the ones that drive results in your Ecommerce business.

Klaviyo for Neto Vs. Other Integrations

So, are you ready to harness the power of personalised marketing in your business?  Let’s get started!

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